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The date is September 19, 1998. The participants, three young men, X, Y and Z. The participants are restless. The talk wanders. The three generally well mannered and upstanding young men decide to partake in a variety of entertainment that is a tad bit more risqué than the typical TP-esque fare. (see The Great Venice Beach Dime Giveaway). Z discovers himself phoning multiple women of the night, women of skills and faculties necessary to adequately perform the important duties the men have in mind. Yes, X, Y, and Z are in search of a stripper. And why not? It is better than the other proposed idea, mowing random people’s lawns and then denying doing it over the drone of the mower. Yes, a stripper is the perfect antidote to a blase evening.

Much transpires in the next several hours. But we’ll skip ahead to 3:00 A.M. and the arrival of Isabel. Z continues in his own words:

So Izabelle shows up, beefy boyfriend in tow. Beefy boyfriend takes one look at the three of us (X, Y, and Z) and tells Izabelle that he’s going to sleep in the car. Apparently we aren’t as intimidating as the usual drunk, rowdy clientele. Perhaps Beefy picks up on the general air that this is as much an intellectual experiment as it is an exploration in sexuality. After a few minutes of chit chat, Izabelle offers us a deal of $150 for 40 minutes. We accept and the deal is done. We hand over the money and the night, already 6 hours, many beers and several bars old, begins anew.

A brief description of Izabelle. French, about 5'7", and in the words of X, "Beautiful breasts, nice ass, and just overall very good-looking." She comes out in a cop outfit and a blue plastic gun. (The music of choice for her show is Bad Boys by Inner Circle, the song made famous by Cops.) She starts doing her dance and stripping. This continues for twenty minutes or so, but there comes a point where everyone, X, Y, Z and Isabel tire of the dance. Izabelle is of course in control of the fate of the evening. And at this critical juncture she makes the executive, if unannounced decision to allow things to proceed. In hindsite, she must have relished the decision.

Z is the first one that Izabelle makes undress. He is quickly down to his boxers as Izabelle whips him with his leather belt. He is told to lay on the ground and after a little bit of shaking and grooving, she asks for ice, but has to settle for cold water. She disposes of Z (alas, temporarily) by pouring water on him, i.e. on the male reproductive region.

X is unclothed next. She pinches the hell out of his nipples until he screams in pain. She ends by sitting in a chair over X and pouring beer down herself. X takes the beer in the nose and in his eyes. The pain he is in is hilarious as he pops up in agony and must go to the bathroom to recover.

Y is next and is given the hot wax treatment. Izabelle lights a candle and drips it all over him. She ends by kicking him, jumping up and down on his chest and walking on top of him. X and Z laugh uncontrollably. They encourage Izabelle to inflict more pain, assuming that their roles have been put to rest. Both X and Z are told to get on there hands and knees and Izabelle rides on their backs, whipping them with the belt. She then lines up the three VICTIMS, as she now refers to them, and tortures them simultaneously. She begins by jumping on top of them. Her jumping involves landing on her knees on top of the victims, resulting in an excruciating charlie horse for Z. She proceeds with a game of leap frog where she jumps up and down on the back of our heads (surprisingly less painful then many of her other tricks.)

X is recuperating on a couch and Izabelle attempts to put a match out on his nipple. Yes that is painful and no she does not even put the match out. Y is then made to suffer the nipple pinching until he screams in pain. Things end with all three getting burned to some degree by hot candle wax. Yes, painful. No, not a turn on.

In the end Izabelle "dances" (and we use this term looser than any term has every been used) for an hour and it is quite possible she has more fun then we do. (Little aside. One forgets that a stripper is nude after a while. Of course it could have been fear that does this.) We chat with Izabelle for a little bit and she leaves.

At about 4:30 AM the woman of the night is gone.

She did forget her gloves and came back for a minute leading Y and X to believe she actually likes us. Not that she wants to hang with us or anything, just that we are a refreshing change from the normal hire-a-stripper-for-the-night clientele. End thus ends another odd night of debauchery and drunkness. 


J's impartial assessment:
Sad?  Not really.
Funny?  Quite.  Even moreso if one knows X, Y and Z.
Strange?  Sure, but less than most things one finds on the internet.





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