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By M.J. Loheed (see Jews For Jerry photos, MJ is the Jew for Jerry
with the goatee), Matt Patterson (see milk carton) and Eddie Schmidt
(see back of this computer). Photos by Stephanie Hernstadt.

In place of a review, lets  I'll let their
back cover speak for itself:

    "3,000 years of unbridled fury... crammed into one convenient
volume. A definitive look at the world's most popular insult. Where
did it come from? What does it really mean? And why is it so
offensive? From ancient Greece to "Seinfeld," professional sports to
professional assholes, the finger unclogs the filthy heart of a
cultural phenomenon.
    "But this book is not a "Fuck you." It's a valentine, a love
letter to rage, a celebration of vulgarity, and a salute to America's
favorite pastime. The finger is the ultimate self-help guide....
with dick jokes.
    "Misanthropes Rejoice! Raise your fleshy flagpole, your
extreme extremity, your prodigious protrusion of pent-up frustration.
Tune in, turn on, and flip off, with the greatest linguistic tool
since the tongue. Warning, do not leave this book unattended."

Q - Is "The Finger" really a book or is this just a stupid article.
A - A book.
Q - Will I learn anything from "The Finger?"
A - More than you would ever believe.
Q - Will I mature and develop as a human being by reading this book?
A - Let's just say "The Finger" is the most sensitive and moving
non-fictional work I've EVER read excluding the Starr Report. It
changed the coarse of my life.
Q - Clever use of the word "coarse", ie. crude, unrefined and
inferior, as opposed to "course". I love a good homonym in the
A - What's a homonym?
Q - I want to buy "The Finger" now, this minute!
A - Use the following link and order it now, this minute!

Click Here!