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featuring selected works of the great
Pablo Poocasso


Welcome to the critically acclaimed Toilet Paper fArt Gallery.  Below you will find works o' fart from the esteemed artist Pablo Poocasso.  Why do we call them "works o' fart"? Each of these works is more than just a piece of art, they are feces pieces.

In brief, Mr. Poocasso has developed an extraordinary medium of expression which is all his own - literally. Each piece takes a tremendous amount from him.  Each work has its own personality and essence.  Much like the precious snowflake, no two works are alike.  You won't find any duplicates floating around.

No other fartist alive has been able to hold a candle to Mr. Poocasso's inspiring intensity and depth. Works o' fart come with a certificate of authenticity and a brief history of the particular work o' fart.  Carbon dating is available at an additional charge.   To purchase or commission any work o' fart, please contact or   The fArt Gallery proudly accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

Coming Soon - Images of all of Mr. Poocasso's works and a VIDEO of Mr. P actually creating his next piece, "Oh shit". Also look for works o' fart by Vincent Van Go #2 and Peeonhardo Doovinci.

Now available, a detailed description of the creation process of a Pablo Poocasso masterpiece.





$25,000 ORDER

Shit Happens


Created at a time when the artist was quite literally starving, the chief processed medium consisted mainly of black beans and corn chips. It just so happened that the texture and shape of the stool was unimportant at this stage, because shit really does just happen and this is what Pablo was trying to convey.

The medium was then sun-baked on the roof over the artist's head. After a week of cooperative rain free weather, the material hardened and lost most of its odor. It was then coated with many layers of silver paint and has been clear coated many times to resist damage.

Mounting and DNA certification included.

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# 2

$22,222 ORDER



Number two HAD to be the second piece according to Pablo. Mr.P. went through many canvases before he could portray his favorite number. #2 is his medium and the number that makes this life enjoyable.

This work was sun-baked as well. It was then coated with six layers of black paint and the actual stool was highlighted in a neon violet, a stark contrast to the background. For many, it is remeniscent of a walk down a dark city street with only the neaon light to guide the way.  Number 2, such a feat of persistence, is capable of guiding the way for any wayword soul.  As with all pieces, 2 has been clear coated many times to resist damage.

Mounting and DNA certification included.

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The Runs - $19,000
Often described as Poocasso's most moving piece, The Runs is a fluid, living representation of the endless flow of life. Thousands of Mr. Poocasso's admirers have claimed to see infinity, eternity and the essence of the yin and the yang in The Runs. A laxative was NOT used in the creation of this piece; it's 100% natural.

Rocky Road - $14,500
A depiction of the ups and downs, bumps, hills and valleys that anyone, but particularly an artist will encounter in his or her journey through this thing we call life. The ice cream of the same title was consumed at a rate of one gallon per day for an entire week. If you look very carefully, you might even see the nuts.

Taco Hell! - $4,000
A much younger Poocasso was passing through intense internal struggle when he created this piece. One of his most vivid works and also one of the most controversial, critics have complained the reds, yellows, oranges and greens are too "busy". Poocasso contends Taco Hell was the only possible form to express what he was feeling at the time. For the artist, Taco Hell serves as a reminder of his past acts of indiscretion, acts Poocasso has vowed never to repeat. Poocasso regrets these follies of youth, but recognizes that without them Taco Hell would have been impossible. And for that, he is grateful for the trials through which he has passed and those which have passed through him.

Stool - $16,500
Perhaps Poocasso's most serious, self-righteous work, stool delves into the bleak existence of man on a thankless planet. A dark piece which rests on the gray background, stool is a stark example of the pain that can stir within a man.

The Leaning Tower of Caca - $18,000
Inspired during the artist's pizza days, Caca practically jumps off the canvas and onto the viewer. Poocasso takes his art to soaring heights with his unique 'slant' on fArt.

Bullshit - $500
The only work in the gallery not created by Mr. Poocasso, Bullshit is nonetheless one of Poocasso's favorite pieces of fArt. It pokes fun at his critics and imitators alike. This is Pablo's only creation containing strands of his hair. This piece is guaranteed to be a cult classic.

It's Getting Pretty Deep… - $13,000
From the depths of a great man comes towering fArt. One viewer was overheard to say that this one reminded her of the ocean. If you put your ear to the hole, you can actually hear it too.

Full Of It - $35,000
Packed with detail and action, Full Of It is differentiated from most of Poocasso's works by its sheer size. At 6'X10', it is the largest piece ever created by an artist more accustomed to smaller, more detail oriented means of expression. Paradoxically, Poocasso claims Full Of It was one of his least taxing projects. Says the artist, "There was something giant, something indescribably vast inside of me that I just had to get down onto that canvas."

Asshole $4500
A sensitive portrayal of a man who knows himself, a man in touch with his inner being and ashamed of his hateful past.

Shit Faced - $23,000
The artist himself does not remember creating this piece. Indeed, this wonderful work was a true serendipity. The video clip of this piece is a MUST SEE!

You Wanna Piece Of Me? - $12,500
Mr. Poocasso was submerged in a raw, angry period of his life when he produced this piece. You Wanna Piece Of Me? makes no apologies. It is a brutally honest work and perhaps the perfect depiction of the powerful stirrings within this disturbed man.

Fuckin' Shit $22,000
Banned by the Pope and over 50 countries, Fuckin' Shit may only be viewed or described by appointment.  Appointments may only be made after we receive a notarized document from your mother granting permission to see this piece.

Scared Shitless - $7,500
FDR once inspired a nation by proclaiming, "We have nothing to fear, but fear itself." While many took this as an indelible truth, Poocasso challenges the viewer to consider what it means to be afraid. "Fear takes a lot out of a man," says Poocasso, "but it can be an inspiration as well."

Good Shit - $30,000
A simple, elegant piece, the most striking feature of Good Shit is its optimism. The contrast is startling, the form and texture dazzling, the smell exquisite. This is Poocasso in top form. Not surprisingly, this work resembles a cannabis leaf.

Bad Shit - $1500
Not Poocasso's most celebrated piece, but nonetheless an original from his formative years. Bad Shit definitely displays a seedier quality of the artist's personality.

The Mad Crapper - $22,500
Often confused with You Wanna Piece Of Me, The Mad Crapper was not forged in anger, insists Poocasso. "Maybe I was a little irritated at the time, my bowels that is, but not angry." This is actually one of Poocasso's more profound, more revealing pieces, and for those who can truly comprehend its subtleties, a bizarre perspective of a deranged world.

Shit-Eating Grin - $2,500
Misunderstood by most critics, Shit-Eating-Grin was created on the same day as The Mad Crapper and in many ways offers an even deeper insight into the insanity around us. An important piece with a light-hearted, endearing quality.

Mierda - $14,000
One of Poocasso's more abstract works, Mierda is a tribute to the great Mexican artist, Freda Kahlo. Alternately entitled Yo Quiero Mierda.

 Coming soon...

The Life Story Of Pablo Poocasso

Video of fArt creation should be released in late August;
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This September look for works o' fArt by:
Vincent Van Go #2 & his student Peeonhardoh Doovinci
including (butt, not limited to):

1,001 flies don't lie
Artsy Fartsy
Ass Blaster
Ass Whole
Au Naturel
Buttload of Moula
Crap Master
Crapped out
Extra Nuts
Feces Pieces
Good for shit
Hershey -
Judge AND Jury
Making an ass of myself
My Ass!
Nature Calls
Number Two
Oh Lean
Piece of shit
Poo Poo
Primordial Ooze
Shit Head
Shit out of luck
Shit-load of money!
South Winds
Stool Pigeon
The Big Stinky (a.k.a. Bourbon Street on Fat Tuesday)
The Throne
This Stinks
Tough Shit!
Volcanic Eruption
When the shit hits the fan
Why does shit always happen to me?
Why not take all of me?
Zero Down

Now available, a detailed description of the creation process of a Pablo Poocasso masterpiece.

Please note: Lower bids may also be submitted, and will be considered in June of 1999 for any unsold pieces. To purchase or commission any work o' fart, please contact or  


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