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Pornography is one of the few things people are willing to pay for on the web. But any site that charges a membership fee is beset by hackers who try to break in illegally. The king of all porn hackers is a man who goes by the name of "Slutman". We spoke to Slutman in his lair (under a giant sign that reads, "Here I Am GOD!")

TP: So explain to us exactly what you do.

Slutman: I have eight computers running concurrently that try out logins and passwords on all the biggest porn sites. It’s a brute force program that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every time a successful login and password comes up, it’s immediately posted to my site.

TP: And the passwords allow people to enter the site for free.

Slutman: Until the webmaster of the site finds out what’s going on and they delete that user.

TP: Why do it?

Slutman: Don’t know.

TP: Huh. So how many hits do you get to your site a day?

Slutman: At the height I used to get about 100,000 users a day, 300,000 or so impressions….number one password site on the net before I shut down.

TP: Yeah that’s about what the TP gets, give or take 297,000 impressions.

Slutman: [Bored look.]

TP: So you shut down. Why?

Slutman: Death threats.

TP: [Questioning look.]

Slutman: I was threatened a couple of times, but I didn’t really pay any attention. Then I got a guy who vowed to hunt me down and kill me. He started posting rewards in usenet groups for any information that could lead him to me?

TP: But you’re totally anonymous, no?

Slutman: Some people knew who I was. He was offering something like $5000 in computer equipment for my address. Also, more and more passwords started coming up as, "Fuck Slutman" and "Die Slutman!"

TP: So you just shut down?

Slutman: I don’t post to the site anymore, but I still run the programs. I’m building up an inventory of passwords.

TP: For what?

Slutman: Can’t tell you.

TP: Is what you do illegal?

Slutman: Yeah, but one, they’ll have a very hard time finding me and two, it’s easier for them to just monitor my site and delete the corrupted accounts than to actually sue me.

TP: I suppose its easier to hunt you down and kill you than sue you.

Slutman: Maybe.

TP: Why the name, "Slutman"?

Slutman: The band Gwar has a song, "Slutman City." I called the site "Slutman City" and I became "Slutman."

TP: So you’re pretty adept with computers, but as I understand it, you don’t have a job. Why not?

Slutman: Don’t believe in it. Don’t like having to show up at a certain time and work on someone else’s projects. I could probably consult at $200 an hour, but why?

TP: [stunned silence]

Slutman: Don’t worry, I have big plans for my empire.

TP: Of course. Ever break into a satire site?

Slutman: No interest.

Note – We did not actually perform any investigative reporting to find Slutman. A TP staffer used to date Slutman’s sister. We will not betray Slutman's identity for less than $10,000 in computer equipment.  Sound clips of Slutman are unavailable as he declined to be interviewed on tape.

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