July 19, 2007
Your Mission: Print and Post the TP

Thank you, loyal TP soldier. By posting the Toilet Paper in your local restroom, not only are you helping us bring an end to banal bathrooms, but you are also making a difference and changing the world. That's right, when things are in italics, they are extra special. Additionaly, your life will be replete with rewards for participating in this noble act. Not only will you be eligible to receive official TP T-shirts and stickers, you also are one step closer to becoming a part of the TP itself. Send us your pictures of the Toilet Paper posted in your bathroom and we'll post them in a special section! If you are naked in the picture, we'll post it on the front page!

The Latest Version of the Print Edition of the Toilet Paper is available in both HTML and PDF format. To read the PDF format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.



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